The Everything Lola Membership

Everything you need for an entire year of first grade math is now available in a monthly subscription membership!

Monthly Subscription Discount

Signing up on means that your price will only be 8 payments of $30 each.  That’s over a 60% discount for teachers.

Subscription Benefits

At the end of your subscription, your payments will stop, but your access will not!  You will own all these products and will receive any updates and any additional products for 1st grade for FREE!  FOR LIFE!

Oh-so easy to use

With the Lola Math products, all the hard work is done for you, so all you need to do is click through the slides on the PowerPoint lessons and print out the guided math units and math centers once.  Easy peasy!

Saves you precious planning time

I know how busy you are and what little time you actually have for lesson planning.  That's why every single step is done for you- just plug it into your lesson plans and move on!

Takes the guesswork out of differentiation

Not sure how to meet the needs of EVERY student in your class?  With the variety of activities available and helpful If/Then charts, it is simple to make sure ALL students are learning to their highest potential with each and every lesson.

Includes EVERYTHING you need to teach a year of math

Besides the PowerPoint lessons, guided math units, daily printables and math centers, you will have access to engaging digital resources, pre- and post-assessments, letters to parents, daily math talks, number sense centers, and even more.

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Can you imagine never having to plan another math lesson? 

Never having to wonder what to do with your struggling students or your high achievers?

interventions spelled out

I get it.... teachers are BUSY.  Most of the time you can figure out how to help your struggling students.  Maybe they need more hands-on practice in a small group setting.  Maybe they need to go back a few steps and solidify their understanding before moving on.  You can figure this out.  

The problem is when you have 20+ students all needing something different from you.  How do you come up with just the right interventions on the spur of the moment?

You don't have to.  I've already done all of that for you.  Just follow the if/then chart and BREATHE.  Follow the 4 tier system to provide hands-on, step-by-step activities for your students who need serious intervention, quick reinforcement for your students who need just a little confidence-building, lots of engaging centers and targeted, focused practice for the students who are right where they need to be, and brain-activating enrichment for your students who love a challenge.

hands-on guided practice

Students learn quickly with the hands-on lessons with Lola. Lola knows just how to explain complicated math concepts in a step-by-step format for students... they practice at their desks what she does on the screen.  She asks them guiding questions, and they excitedly race to answer.  These PowerPoint lessons even involve best practices such as turn and talk to a partner, four corners, etc. to keep your students moving and ENGAGED through the entire lesson.

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More Kind Words About Lola...

I just love these units! It is everything we could possibly need to teach math to our 1st graders!

David A.

It was nice taking a break from teaching and letting Lola take on the heavy lifting!

Celena O.

My students love Lola and always want to know when she will be visiting our classroom. I love Lola because she teaches the standard in a very understandable and kid friendly way.

Tamera G.

What Others Say


As a veteran teacher, I have learned new ways to explain concepts to help students understand different math skills. Lola explains and shows how to solve all of the common core concepts that need to be taught in first grade. I love that students get to work along with Lola with either whiteboards/markers or math manipulatives such as base 10 blocks or clocks. The students are always engaged while doing these lessons!  I couldn't be more happy with this product. It has been a great addition to our (very lacking) math curriculum that we use in our school. Thank you so much! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Jennie J.

 / First Grade Teacher


Thank you for your genius  in creating "Lola"!!!! This is my first year teaching first grade in a school which needs to embrace new teaching methods outside a text book! I was lost at the beginning of the year due to the lack of materials that engage young children and help them learn while having fun!!!

Betsy G.

/ First Grade Teacher


I can't say enough good things about this resource.  I am so happy I finally bought it! My district supplies no resources for math. We just scramble to teach the standards however we choose. And every year I still end up scrambling and feeling like a terrible math teacher. This product has saved my sanity! It is the perfect guide for my lessons. The best part is that my students LOVE it! They can't wait to see what Lola has for us each day! Thank you so much!

Kim W.

/ First Grade Teacher

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How does the Everything Lola Membership subscription work?

Each month, you will be automatically billed $30 and sent a Google Drive folder link via email.  The Google Drive folder will include 4-6 weeks of PowerPoint/Google Slides lessons, guided math lessons, daily printables, and matching centers.  Download the pdf to get a better idea what is included in each specific month's download.

Do I have to start with Month 1?  What if I want to start in the middle of the school year?

You can start with any month you want!  Find the best month to start with to match your district's scope and sequence, then the months will continue in order until you have received all 8 months. See the buttons below to sign up starting with different months.


How will I know how to implement all of the pieces?  Is there training?

Detailed instructions are included with each unit, and I am in the process of recording videos to help you implement each of the components.  The videos will be emailed to you (with written tips and tricks) as well as included in the monthly folders.

What technology do I need to implement this curriculum?

The daily lessons come in five formats- designed to be super convenient for Distance Learning.  You can choose the lesson in PowerPoint, PowerPoint Narrated, Google Slides, Google Slides Narrated, and Video format. Most teachers like to put the PowerPoint slideshow or Google Slides presentation on their SMART Board or other interactive whiteboard when teaching, but it is possible to use the daily lessons just with a screen and a clicker or even by using Screencastify or Zoom if learning remotely.  The daily lessons can be easily assigned using Google Classroom or other platforms.  Additionally, each unit also includes a Boom Cards game, which can be used with a membership on so your students can play the games on their own computers or tablets.

Is this curriculum aligned to state standards?

Yes!  This curriculum was designed to support and align with the Common Core State Standards, but also aligns with TEKS.  There are correlation charts for both sets of standards included in the guide pdf.

Does this curriculum have to stand alone, or can I use it to supplement my district's math curriculum?

The Lola Math curriculum can stand alone (that is how it was designed), or you are free to use it to supplement your district's curriculum and/or pacing.  The Scope & Sequence will help you align the Lola lessons with your curriculum's so you can maximize your students' learning.

This is the traditional year subscription, starting with Month 1.  

For more details on exactly what is included with each month, click below to grab the FREE Guide

Month 1:

Early Number Sense, Number Sense Centers 5-8, Addition to 10, Subtraction from 10

Month 2:

Commutative to 10, 3 Addends, Addition to 20, Number Sense 9-12

Month 3:

Subtraction from 20, Commutative to 20, Equal Equations, Number Sense 13-16

Month 4:

Numbers to 120, Place Value, Number Sense 17-20, Story Problems Module 1: Joining

Month 5:

Comparing Numbers, Data, Extra Practice with Story Problems, Advanced Number Sense for Decomposing Numbers,

Story Problems Module 2: Separating

Month 6:

Two-Digit Addition, Two-Digit Subtraction, Story Problems Module 3: Part-Part-Whole

Month 7:

Measurement, Time, 2D & 3D Shapes, Story Problems Module 4: Comparing

Month 8:

Fractions, Money, 10 days of End of Year Review 

If your team/district follows a different scope and sequence, OR if you found this curriculum in the middle of the year, you might want to start with something other than Month 1.  No problem!  Just click the button below to get your subscription started RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT IT.

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